Tenerife, Spain

Heading for Marina Atlantico in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Will spend over 40 days on board the sailing vessel s/y Melina, a Malö 43. 

The sailing yacht left Finland in June for an around-the-world sailing voyage.

The yacht will be back in Finland in August 2021.

On-location photo sessions in Åland


Our Nafo 6 group was heading for Åland and the Kastellholm castle for a on-location photo session in May, 13-15th.

We had a lot of practicing using strobes and studio lights, both outside and inside of the castle and the hostel in Godby.

Interesting and very helpful to have a professional photographer teaching us, how to use this type of equipment.



Start of part-time training program in photography


In January 2016, I applied and was selected for a 2,5 year long training program in nature photography arranged by Axxell, (NaFo). We are 16 persons taking part in this training program.

After the first year the training program is aiming for a professional exam in photography.

After that the main goal for this part time studies, is to become a professional photographer with special skills in nature photography.

Our first introductory session was in Brusaby, Kimito, in April 2016.